Chapman Chevrolet Philadelphia Chevy Dealership

Chapman Chevrolet Staff

These are just a few of the fine people here at Chapman Chevrolet to help you or answer questions. Stop by today or click HERE to contact us. We're always available to help and eager to meet you.   

  • Dealership Contacts (866) 568-4416
  • New (866) 568-4416
    • Rich Sadowski Photo
      Rich Sadowski
      Sales Manager
    • Jose  Pagan Photo
      Jose  Pagan
      Business Development Manager
    • Howard Dennis Photo
      Howard Dennis
      Sales Consultant
    • Bob Briglia Photo
      Bob Briglia
      Sales Consultant
    • Sophia Suber Photo
      Sophia Suber
      Sales Consultant
    • Justin Lopez Photo
      Justin Lopez
      Sales Consultant
    • Vernon Johnson Photo
      Vernon Johnson
      Sales Consultant
    • Maurice  Collins Photo
      Maurice  Collins
      Sales Consultant
    • Darius  Hardy Photo
      Darius  Hardy
      Sales Consultant
    • James Russell  Photo
      James Russell
      Sales Consultant
    • Courtney Kaczor Photo
      Courtney Kaczor
      BDC Representative
    • Dajohnna  Burton Photo
      Dajohnna  Burton
      BDC Representative
    • Evita  Gomez Photo
      Evita  Gomez
      BDC Representative
  • Used (866) 568-4416
    • Giancarlos Sherwood Photo
      Giancarlos Sherwood
      Preowned Manager
    • Phineas  Jordan Photo
      Phineas  Jordan
      Assistant Preowned Manager
  • Service (866) 279-2586
    • Gary Fields Photo
      Gary Fields
      Service Manager
    • Holly McCaffrey Photo
      Holly McCaffrey
      Service Advisor
    • Joseph Coppola Photo
      Joseph Coppola
      Service Advisor
  • Parts (866) 568-4416

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