Chapman Chevrolet in Philadelphia, PA - Wilmington

When people think of Pennsylvania, they often think of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. It's true that Philadelphia, PA is host to an incredible collection of historical attractions. At Chapman Chevrolet, we like to think that we bring another piece of American history to Philadelphia. The Chevrolet.

Captured in movie and song, in its 100+ year history Chevy has become an iconic part of the American landscape. Like America, Chevrolet was born of humble beginnings like the 1914 Chevrolet Royal Mail Roadster. And as America grew, so did Chevrolet with products like the grandfather of the SUV, the 1936 Chevy Suburban and the post war advanced design 1948 Chevrolet Pick-up. A piece of truck history that is still sought after today.

It was in 1981 that Chapman sought to bring the Chevrolet experience to a new generation of drivers, setting roots in Philadelphia, and becoming a premier Chevrolet dealer in Pennsylvania

Chapman Chevrolet in Philadelphia, PA
Chapman Chevrolet
6925 Essington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19153

Contact Information

  • Sales:(866) 568-4416
  • Service:(866) 279-2586
  • Parts:(866) 568-4416
  • Commercial:(844) 991-6142

Chapman Chevrolet

6925 Essington Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19153
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